Add wall magazine holder

"Add" is a decorative and functional magazine holder designed for the home and the workspace. It is a very light accessory and easy to move where you can post pictures and notes, books, magazines, headphones and fashion accessories like scarves, gloves and sunglasses. The proposal is designed with a simple metal structure and a solid wooden base.

The magazine holder has a minimalist look. It is designed to be supported against a wall and holding things vertically, optimizing the space. Further includes a metal fitting that is driven into the bottom of the wooden base and allows the structure is kept in balance by itself at any location allowing area. It is a multifunctional furniture designed for all ages, from toddlers to hold books, drawings and stories for teens and creative to leave agenda, magazines, headphones and photographs people and adults to expose and store magazines and newspapers.

Photo credit: Álvaro Díaz Hernández

Status: Coming soon

Year: 2016

Category: auxiliary furniture - magazine rack

Materials: steel, laquered - black

Add magazine holder
Add magazine holder
Add magazine holder
Add magazine holder
Add magazine holder
Alvaro Diaz Hernandez
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