Chely - Side table

“Chely” is an occassional coffee and side table with a sculptural shape made from steel in rounded shapes like tubes, rods and a flat sheet one.


Conceived as an exercise in geometry and perception the result is a functional and easy removable contemplative piece of furniture with a uniquely designed leg construction that provide the full support to the tabletop, making Chely an eye-catching object in any environment.


The structure appears light and delicate while invokes curiosity both when using it up close as well as seeing it at a distance.

Photo credit: Álvaro Díaz Hernández

Status: Prototype

Year: 2018

Category: Furniture - Tables - Coffee & Side table

Materials: Steel, laquered

Dimensions: W 35 x D 35 x H 51 cm

Alvaro Diaz Hernandez
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