Rewire magazine rack

Rewire is a collection of minimalist and conceptual storage system inspired by the line and based on a rigid welded structure. This everyday object transmits the attention paid to details and extreme functionality letting the user to be creative allowing surfaces to be manifested from books, magazines and little objects.

Manufactured by Tre Product

Photo credits: Tre product

Year: 2017

Category: Accessories - Living & Decoration

Process: 3D digital wire bending

Materials: Carbon steel wire, powder coated - Black color

Dimensions high: w 290 x d 255 x h 800 mm (w 11,4 x d 10 x h 31,5 in)

Dimensions medium: w 290 x d 255 x h 400 mm (w 11,4 x d 10 x h 15,75 in)

Alvaro Diaz Hernandez
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